Most Popular Zombie Toys For Kids – Better Than The Rest

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Zombie Toys For Kids That Are The Most Popular

You might think zombies are usually too gory and gruesome but, there are a lot of cute zombie toys out there. So, even kids can enjoy the best to offer from the zombie apocalypse! Take a look at the most popular zombie toys for kids.


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Big bucket of zombie toys for kids


Remember the green Army men? Or cowboys and Indians? These Zombie figures are just like them. They are terrific toys for young kids. Using your imagination to set up a giant sprawling war zone of zombies can be great fun. You can even create your own little zombie apocalypse with these toys. One of my favorite things, when I was a kid, was playing “guys”.


These toys are actually very sturdy and durable. They will last for a long while. There are 100 zombies in each of these so you’re definitely getting your monies worth. Kids will love all of the different kinds of zombies and creatures in this set. You’re getting these at an awesome price.


The figures stand up very easily and that is a huge plus. It’s hard to play with figures when they can’t even stand up on their own. How would they take over if they can’t stand up?


The second set here is very similar but are actually glow in the dark! You can have your own night of the living dead scenario. And if you lose the figures, just turn off the lights! Perfect kids zombie toys.


There are so many wonderful zombie toys like this.


Zombie Action Figures - Big Bucket of 100 Zombies - Perfect for Halloween Decorations and Teal Pumpkin Trick or Treating - Zombies, Pets, Graves, and HumansZombie Action Figures – Big Bucket of 100 Zombies – Perfect for Halloween Decorations and Teal Pumpkin Trick or Treating – Zombies, Pets, Graves, and HumansZombie Action Figures - Big Bucket of 100 Glow in the Dark Zombies - Includes Zombies, Zombie Pets, Gravestones, and Humans!Zombie Action Figures – Big Bucket of 100 Glow in the Dark Zombies – Includes Zombies, Zombie Pets, Gravestones, and Humans!


Plants vs Zombies toy plushies


Plants vs Zombies is a cute little tower defense game where you defend your house from Zombies using plants. The sunflowers give you currency to buy new plants. These toys don’t stray too far from the cuteness of the game. They are super cute plushies that kids will grow attached to. You might think zombies are too gruesome for a young child. Not these. They are very kid friendly. Very cute.


The Zombie and Sunflower are soft as can be, durable, and well made. Perfect for snuggling. My favorites are the classic zombie plush and the sunflower. These two are the best characters from the Plants vs Zombies series, in my opinion. They make for adorable plush toys.


The Sunflower and Zombie are a very decent size at 7″ tall. You know, not too overbearingly large and not absolutely tiny. Right in the middle for a great kids toy. There are a few more awesome plushies from Plants vs Zombies so it can be really fun to collect them all!


Plants vs Zombies Zombie PlushPlants vs Zombies Zombie Plush Plants vs Zombies Sunflower Plush


Minecraft zombie toy


Minecraft is so popular with kids these days. It’s been a great game for many years and I’m sure it will continue to be for a long time. It’s actually a fun game for adults too. I still play it once in a while. Pretty much like virtual lego toys. Where you can build whatever you’d like using blocks available. That said, today I want to focus on the zombies from Minecraft!


The zombie is one of those classic Minecraft enemies that once you play, you won’t ever forget. If you’re a fan of Minecraft you’ll instantly recognize this guy. There are some really cool toys of the zombie as well. One is the zombie on fire figure. Another is the zombie with an iron block, zombies drop iron after all. The third is a cute zombie plush.


I think the fire zombie is an especially cool idea. When the zombies go out into the sun light, they light on fire. This first figure encapsulates that idea in a spectacular way. It includes the fire accessory that you can fit the zombie into. And once you put him in there it activates a switch on the back of the zombie that pops some fire out of his head. SO COOL! Kids will love that.


All three of these toys come at great prices. I don’t think any of them are unfair for what you are getting.


Kids a lot of times are obsessed with everything Minecraft and if they are I have great news. There are many different figures for these series. Specifically the Core Zombie Figure and the Minecraft Zombie Plush. Each of them has other Minecraft figures and plushies you can buy. You can collect them all!


 Minecraft Series 2 Zombie with Pop Out Flames Action FigureMinecraft Core Zombie Action Figure with AccessoryMinecraft Core Zombie Action Figure with Accessory Minecraft 12″ Zombie Plush


Mega Bloks zombie toys for kids


I know you’ve heard of Lego before but, you may not be too familiar with Megabloks. Well, Megabloks can be similar, however, the figures from Megabloks are much more detailed than Lego figures. With Lego they always have that same look to them but, Megabloks has some unique looking figures. More realistic. I think these are some really cool looking zombie figures to play with. They are well detailed and stand at about 2″ tall. Perfect size to go with these sets.


Just like Lego, Mega Bloks are very easy to assemble and are quite durable. These sets come with some building blocks but, the main feature is the zombie toys. At least in my opinion. They are really nice.


Call of Duty is one of those video games series that is very popular. It’s nice to have some cool characters under that brand.


You can mix and match multiple sets to make bigger, more awesome creations. This is one of the things that kids can have the most fun with. Using your imagination to make bigger and more awesome settings. It’s what I like to do with some of my sets.


Great price for the building set and awesome figures that come with it. I really like these as zombie toys for boys.


Mega Bloks Call Of Duty Zombies HordeMega Bloks Call Of Duty Zombies Horde Mega Bloks Call of Duty Zombies Outbreak Mega Bloks Call of Duty Zombies Moon Mob Playset


My first zombie plush toy


 My First Zombie Plush by Toy Vault

Who doesn’t love plush toys? My first zombie plush is a great one for young kids.


It’s so cool that they managed to make a gruesome zombie into a super cute stuffed play toy for kids of all ages.


This toy is very soft and durable which makes it a great toy for kids since you know sometimes the little rascals like to rough things up. I think it makes for a great snuggle toy. Or even better, an evil villain that tries to attack their other plushies.


Awesome and adorable plush toy for the young zombie fan. I very highly recommend this one.


Are the kids a little bit older? We also have some great zombie themed gifts for men and Walking Dead themed gifts for women.


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