What Are The Top Zombie Gifts For Men From Entertainment?

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Awesome Zombie Gifts For Men From Video Games, Movies, and TV shows

If you’re looking for the best zombie gifts for men, you’ve come to the right spot. Men love entertainment of all kinds and there are so many cool zombie themed video games, movies, and TV shows these days. Zombie fans definitely have it good now but, we’re always craving more. I can’t get enough! These gifts are great to satisfy that craving for cool zombie stuff.


Zombie figurines specifically are my favorites and they are quite popular too! They work really well for holidays like Christmas and for birthdays alike. Or, for just a quick present out of the blue. I would be so excited! I love having a figure of my favorite characters for display or just to goof around with at my desk. It lets me enjoy my favorite shows and games even more.


Imagine coming to your desk and seeing your favorite character and remembering all of the cool scenes and situations that character has been in. How they have grown and progressed as a person. Very inspirational and super cool! Collecting is so much fun and I can guarantee you that he will be hooked!


Zombie gifts for men from movies


There are so many great movies that feature those scary flesh eating monsters. Two of my favorites are Shaun of the Dead and Dawn of the Dead. You can’t get much more different from a comedy and a horror movie but, both have their great qualities that I love.


Shaun of the Dead figures


Of course, Shaun of the Dead is that silly zombie comedy where a few goof balls have to survive a zombie apocalypse. It’s actually a spoof on zombie movies in general and more specifically of Dawn of the dead if you couldn’t tell by the name. It also makes a lot of references to horror movies in general. If you’re in love with horror you’ll recognize plenty of things in this movie.


We have a bunch of awesome figures here. First, we have the Funko POP figure of Shaun. Funko POP is a really popular line of figures in the cute style you see below. Funko makes so many figures from entertainment. It’s definitely a go to company for collecting.


Haven’t heard of Funko? You should check them out! If you’d like to see more Funko POP figures Click here!

The NECA Shaun of the Dead figures are more realistic versions of the characters. Both of these figures are very detailed.  They are actually a little bit small.


Looking for something larger? The 12 inch Shaun of the Dead figure is well worth the price. Good detail and he talks! So cool!


The last two figures here are the Vinyl Idolz editions of Funko figures. They have some more detail than the Funko Pop figures. They are cute in their own goofy way. Also, a good bit taller. I highly recommend the Vinyl Idolz figures. I think they are great! Very fun. Cool zombie gifts for sure.


All of the Funko figures are at really good prices and have a multitude of characters collect so I like them the best. I very highly recommended these zombie gifts for him. He will want more!


 Funko POP Movie: Shaun of The Dead – Shaun Action Figure NECA Cult Classics 6 Inch Shaun of the Dead Action Figure Shaun EdNECA Cult Classics Series 4 Action Figure Shaun From NECA Cult Classics Series 4 Action Figure Shaun Shaun of the Dead – Shaun Funko Vinyl Idolz Shaun of the Dead – Ed Funko Vinyl Idolz



Dawn of the Dead Flyboy Zombie


 figma Flyboy Zombie – Dawn of the Dead Action Figure

I LOVE this figure. It’s a figma figure. They are high quality, very pose-able, action figures. By very pose-able I mean they have a lot of points of articulation so you can move his arms and legs around very easily to different positions. Imagine setting up a little shrine for your zombie characters and being able to make the scene really cool because you can pose it so the zombie is attacking other characters. That’s what I like to do with my figures.


This guy is a zombie from Dawn of the Dead. Well, he was turned into a zombie. He is made by Max Factory, a Japanese figure making company. And Figma is the line of figures this zombie comes from. They are very popular for their great quality and points of articulation. And this guy is no different.


He comes with a few extra heads, a few pairs of hands, a blood splatter, a machete, and a gun. Lots of accessories. Flyboy Zombie also comes with a clear base to stand him up along with a little arm to help him stand up in positions he normally wouldn’t be able to.


He is officially licensed and that means quality. Flyboy Zombie is also about 5.5 inches tall. The packaging he comes in is very nice so if you plan on collecting and keeping them in there, it will look great.



Video Games with great zombie gifts for men


So many video games with zombies. Zombies are so terrifying when you have to come face to face with them with them. They will get you! Anyway, we’ll talk about the Resident Evil and Call of Duty zombies. Two excellent game series.


Call of Duty series zombie characters


Call of Duty is a first person shooting game. It also has a zombie mode where you have to survive for as long as you can from the zombies. Does he like Call of Duty? Funko does a great job with their normal POP figures. But, I think they knocked it out of the park with their Call of Duty zombie figures. Plenty of detail and the faces are really well done. If you are big into Call of Duty and zombies, these are must have figures. As usual the Funko Pop figures are about 3.5 inches tall. Despite being pretty gruesome, they are actually very cute. There are some more Call of Duty zombie gifts right here with our zombie gifts for kids!


 Funko POP Games: Call of Duty Action Figure – Brutus Call of Duty Spaceland Zombie FunKo Pop! Exclusive #148



Resident Evil series characters


I love the Resident Evil series. Especially the first game. Walking through that creepy mansion with lots of zombies was always fun. So much atmosphere. I just had to list some Funko Pop figures here since they are absolutely wonderful. The Nemesis and Hunter Pops are particularly cute in a scary kind of way. How could those cute little fellas get you? Oh trust me, you don’t want to be stuck in a room with them!


The lab coat zombie figure is pretty much your classic resident evil zombie. He comes with a crow and a severed hand. Lots of detail on this zombie they though of everything! He has blood on his jacket and missing hair. He looks great. His legs have no articulation so they don’t move. But, this means he can stand up on his own without any issues. His arms, however, do move. I was always so afraid of zombies like this in the game. I always very carefully checked all the corners. You can’t be too careful!


We have another Neca figure here as well. Tyrant. He is pretty tall, almost 10 inches. About 9.5 or so. His legs also do not move. But, his arms do. He has some great details. You can see all the veins running all over him and his heart is sort of clear. The paint is very intricate with blood going all over throughout. They did a great job with making him look pretty horrific. Just like in the game. You can move his torso and head a bit as well. Scary guy!


Finally, we have Chris. He is probably the most detailed of the group here. Made by Capcom which is the company that makes the official Resident Evil games. He’s 10 inches tall or 1/7th scale. Excellent details. Everything looks perfect from his vest to the belts holding his tactical gear to his knee pads. If you’re looking for a wonderful Resident evil statue. I would highly recommend getting this one. Great to have him on your side when you have to defend yourself from zombies.


Lab Coat Zombie Action Figure” width=”500″ height=”500″/>Resident Evil Archives Series 2 Lab Coat Zombie Action Figure Funko POP Games: Resident Evil-The Nemesis Action Figure Resident Evil Anniversary Series 2 Tyrant Action Figure Funko Pop! Games Hunter Gamestop Exclusive Resident Evil 160 Capcom Builder Chris Redfield Action Figure


TV shows with awesome characters that make for neat zombie gifts for men


iZombie is a neat little take on your classic zombies. It’s about a girl that is turned into a zombie and has to hide that fact from well, pretty much everyone. She works with dead bodies so she can eat their brains and solve murder mysteries. Since she gets their memories from eating their brains it’s rather easy for her. Pretty crazy right?


The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. So many awesome characters and interesting stuff going on. It’s an intense episode every time.


iZombie TV Show/Comic Book Figures


So, we have two figures from the TV show from iZombie and one from the comic book.


I think the Diamond Selects figure has great detail on it. The box it comes in is very clean and presentable looking. The figure comes with plenty of accessories. These include a hand with chop sticks that you can switch out from the normal hand, a pipe, coffee, hot sauce, and brain food. Yes a dish of brains. Perfect meal for a zombie. She is about 7″ tall. I’m very happy with this figure.


The Funko Pop figure is very nice. She looks just like from the show in the stylized Funko Pop way of course. She is carrying her hot sauce and some brains. Since zombies gotta eat. You can never go wrong with Funko.


Finally, we have the most detailed figure from iZombie. It’s the comic book version of her character. It’s really impressive. The sculpt is nicely done. Good clean paint job. I love the struggle with her humanity vs her zombie side. The zombie hand grabbing at her ankle. All around an awesome figure. Beautiful sculpture and worth the price for sure. It’s my favorite of the three.


 Diamond Select Toys iZombie TV Series: Liv Moore Action Figure Funko iZombie Olivia Moore (Brains) Pop Television Figure DC Collectibles Vertigo iZombie Statue


The Walking Dead Figurines


Oh yes, it’s time for The Walking Dead. The TV show series that everyone talks about. When I head in to work I have to cover my ears if I haven’t seen the last episode. I don’t want it to be spoiled! If he’s a Walking Dead fan, you better believe he will love these zombie gifts for zombie lovers.


Poor Hershel. He still looks cute even without one of his legs. This is a great Funko Pop figure. Because, I mean, it’s Hershel. What’s not to like. Just like all of the Pop figures, he is well made and looks great. He will look absolutely wonderful sitting up on your shelf reminding you of those awesome times from Walking Dead. Back on the farm. Safe from zombies. And same as the other figures he is just a bit under 4 inches tall so he doesn’t take up too much room. Wonderful for a large collection.


Glenn. Glenn is such a great character. He’s grown so much over the series. So they’ve made an excellent statue for him. Mcfarlane toys make A LOT of Walking Dead figures and toys. This one is especially well done. He is 10 inches which I think is that perfect size because it’s where he’s just right. Ya know, not too big, not too small. He also looks just like he does in the TV show. They actually took full 3D scans of the actor in order to model his face just right. Crazy technology these days. Am I right?


Glenn comes with an assault rifle and a knife to take care of those walkers. He also has a black base that will help him stand up. I think this is the best Glenn figure out there. Surprisingly well detailed. It checks all of the boxes on finding a wonderful figure. Speaking of boxes, the box he comes in is legit. It has Glenn’s face and the official AMC The Walking Dead logo. It looks really good.


I also wanted to include another Funko Idolz figure. This time it’s Rick. I just think they look really cool and silly. They found a way to capture the look of Rick in a really cartoony awesome way. It’s a great gift. And very collectible too with all of the other Funko Idolz figures. One of the best Zombie gifts for men.



 Walking Dead – Hershel POP TV Figure Toy 3 x 4inMcFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Glenn 10McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Glenn 10″ Deluxe Action Figure The Walking Dead – Rick Grimes


There are plenty more Walking Dead themed gifts for men right here!


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