Top Walking Dead Gifts For Women – She Will Love These

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Walking Dead Gifts For Women – Gifts The Biggest Fans Can’t Live Without

Imagine the smile on her face when she sees her favorite Walking Dead figure. These are the top Walking Dead gifts for women. She will absolutely love these figures. They are all very cute and well made. These are the perfect toys for cuddling up with or putting on your desk or shelf. It’s like you get to hang out with your favorite characters.


No more of the old gifts like flowers, make up, and accessories. It’s time to get her something unique and really fun!


Men’s walking dead gifts are often similar. You may want to take a look at those too!


Cool Rick figurines


Rick Grimes is such an awesome character. Well, when he isn’t yelling for Carl. For so long he has led the group to safety and to danger. At times the stress of it all has gotten to him. And for a while there it seemed he went a little crazy. Remember back when Rick was a policeman? That was a long time ago. It’s great to see so much character progression in a show. There are many different versions of Rick and I have some of the best ones here.


Three of the four Rick gifts I have listed here are actually made by Funko. Funko makes a lot of figures. All kinds of figures in cute styles. The first one is a Funko Pop Rick. Second is a Funko plush Rick back when he was a policeman. And the third is a Funko Dorbz Rick. Doesn’t he look cute?


They are all really cute toys and are very well made. That’s what Funko is known for. The last figure is actually made by Mcfarlane toys which also has an official license for Walking Dead figures. This one is very realistic and it’s top notch in quality.


If you’re a big fan of Rick Grimes, you’ll absolutely fall in love with these figures.


 Funko Pop TV: Walking Dead Season 5 Rick Grimes Action Figure Funko Walking Dead: Rick Grimes Plush

 Funko Dorbz: Walking Dead Rick Grimes Action Figure McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV 10″ Rick Grimes Deluxe Figure


The Best Walking Dead gifts for her – Daryl figures


Let’s face it people, we all love Daryl. Men and women alike. But, what makes the Daryl figures great for women? I’ll show you.


Daryl Dixon has gone through some amazing character progression. He’s gone from a lone wolf type of character to part of the team. He was out hunting and gathering on his own with his crossbow. And now, he’s become a great addition to the team helping to protect everyone. This makes Daryl so much more appealing as a character and a wonderful one to collect.


Daryl goes everywhere on his chopper. Or, at least he used to. Before it was taken away. The chopper reinforces his tough guy persona. It’s a part of his character. Not to mention it’s just super cool. Two of the gifts I’ve placed below show off that awesome bike and give those figures just that extra hint of awesome.


I have three Funko figures I’m showing off to you as well. Aren’t they cute with their big eyes and silly facial expressions? She’ll love them. The Daryl plush, in particular, is very soft and cute. Great for snuggling with.


The McFarlane toys chopper figure is one of my favorites of Daryl. The figure has a lot of articulation so you can pose it in whatever way you’d like. Sitting on the bike or standing up himself. The bike is highly detailed. The figure comes with the hunting knife and Daryl’s signature crossbow.


 Funko POP Rides: Walking Dead – Daryl’s Bike Action Figure McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Deluxe Box Set (Daryl Dixon with Chopper)

 Funko Walking Dead: Daryl Plush Funko POP Television: Walking Dead-Daryl


Walking Dead gifts for women Glenn


Glenn has grown a lot from when he started as a pizza delivery guy. He’s turned into a strong tough guy that can take down anybody. That’s the kind of character progression we crave in a series. That’s one of the many reasons that The Walking Dead is so great.


They have Cardboard stand up figures of your favorite Walking Dead characters. Glenn included. It would be such a surprise to walk into the room and see a life size Glenn figure standing there. Guaranteed hit as a gift. She will really like it. They have other characters as well besides just Glenn.


Funko figures are always a great gift, they are so cute and collectible. My whole family loves them. They sit at just under 4″ tall which is a perfect size for collecting these little guys. I really love this Glenn figure in particular. He’s dressed just like in the show and he looks ready to go kill some zombies.


We also have a highly detailed Walking Dead statue of Glenn. He also looks ready to shoot a zombie and get a head shot. This figure is actually made using 3D scans of the actors. So you know he is very life like. He’s really well detailed She will love that it looks just like him!


 Glenn Rhee – AMC’s The Walking Dead – Advanced Graphics Life Size Cardboard Standup Walking Dead – Prison Glenn POP TV Figure Toy 3 x 4inMcFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Glenn 10McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Glenn 10″ Deluxe Action Figure


Michonne statues


Michonne is one of the strongest female characters on the Walking Dead. That katana is definitely legit. If there’s a zombie apocalypse I’m definitely going to have to get myself one of those.


She always seems like a tough character ready to take care of business. She cuts up those zombies so easily too.


I have two highly detailed, life like, great collectibile figures here. The 10″ one comes with a small black stand to help stabilize her and the 7″ one comes with an official amc The Walking Dead stand. I love that the likeness is so close to the character.


Of course, we know Funko toys always have wonderful quality. That’s why they are so popular. I specifically really like this Funko POP figure of Michonne when her and Rick became the police officers of Alexandria. The whole figure is terrific.


The figures here come in 7, 10, and 3.75 inch respectively. I think those are all great sizes for collectible figures.


The packaging on all of these figures is really awesome. It looks very legit especially the 7 and 10 inch figures.


McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Michonne 7” Collectible Action FigureMcFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Michonne 7” Collectible Action Figure McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV – 10″ Michonne Deluxe FigureFunko Pop TV: Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure (Season 5)Funko Pop TV: Walking Dead Michonne Action Figure (Season 5)


Walking Dead gifts for women Maggie


 Funko POP! Television: The Walking Dead Series 4 Maggie Action Figure

The Maggie Funko figure is so cool. Maggie, like Michonne, is also a powerful woman. She has grown a lot as a character. From a simple farm girl to a woman that can take down any zombie with ease.


Maggie’s Funko pop figure shows off her strong spirit with her angry facial expression. Women will love it. It’s definitely true to her character.


She is almost 4 inches tall. I always love the proportions of the Funko figures. A little on the smaller side makes them look even cuter.


She is actually quite the rare figure. Very difficult to find. I’d say this one is specifically for those collectors. But, since it’s so difficult to get, it’s a unique gift


If you already have a Glenn figure I’d recommend getting this one as the companion to it. Or just get them both! A great idea. You can’t leave Glenn or Maggie hanging alone.



Negan figurines


 Funko POP Television: The Walking Dead – Negan Action Figure

This is the Negan Funko POP figure. He’s the guy that we all love to hate. Negan is actually a very charismatic character. I always laugh when I hear him speak. But, he’s very scary too. That’s why we love him. And why she will love him too. I think he’s one of the most interesting Walking Dead characters.


It’s really fun to take a scary and horrible character like Negan and make him into a cute collectible figure. I don’t know why but, it just makes it that much better.


Of course, Negans companion is Lucille and luckily she comes with him. Looks like she’s thirsty for blood too. After all, she’s a vampire bat.



Zombie Girl Funko Pop figure


 Teddy Bear Girl: Funko POP! x Walking Dead Vinyl Figure

This is the Teddy Bear Girl Funko figure. This is one of the more unique characters here. That makes her a terrific addition to any collection. She’s definitely still gruesome but, they managed to make her look very cute with her teddy bear.


There are a lot of great details in this figure. Gashes on her head, ripped up clothing, the teddy bear, those soulless eyes, and the torn up mouth. They added so much to it. Great transition from TV character to figurine.


With all of this, I think she is one of the more well made Funko POP figures.


She will love a unique gift like this from her favorite series, The Walking Dead.


Looking for more? We have Walking Dead toys and gifts for everyone!


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