Epic The Walking Dead Gift Ideas That Are Sure To Please

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The Walking Dead Gift Ideas That Will Knock Their Socks Off

Do you want a great gift that will really knock their socks off? The Walking Dead gift ideas here will send those socks straight outta the solar system.


Sometimes, I have trouble with finding gifts. We all do. But, for those Walking Dead fans? Man, there’s lots of good stuff. So here are some of my favorite gifts for Walking Dead fans.


Maybe your Walking Dead fans are a little bit on the younger side. We have zombie themed toys for kids too!


Funko Mystery Minis for myster box collectors


Who doesn’t love a mystery? You never know what you’re going to get with these Funko Mystery Mini figures. And they’re Walking Dead themed! Each series features your favorite Walking Dead characters. But, watch out! There are also scary zombies in the mix. You get 1 great character with each box. It’s always a surprise which one you get. You won’t know til you open it!


I love that it’s a little like gambling with neat little figures. Sort of like with a pack of baseball cards. Each one has a cute stylized look. Even the gruesome zombies. The figures are 2.5 inches tall, which is great for collecting. Some are more rare than others. I like that they come at a great price. They better, because it’s hard to resist buying more!


Blind box figures are very popular these days. I really dig them. These make for great Walking Dead Christmas gifts.


 Funko Walking Dead Series 3 Mystery Mini Figure – 1 Random Pack Only Funko Mystery Mini: Walking Dead Series 4 – One Mystery Figure


Construction sets for the creative types


Do they like to draw, make crafts, or put things together? Because building sets are great fun! These are Walking Dead themed construction sets. Now, you can fortify your own gates to keep the zombies out. Or look out from atop the RV to spot zombies in the distance.


In the same way as lego, they come in different numbers of pieces depending on what you get. So the prison set has around 620 pieces. It’s a little more complicated. And the Boiler room is just shy of 200 pieces. You’ll have plenty of things to put together with these. Myself, I like the complicated ones that take a little while to put together. It feels like more of an achievement. And you get plenty pieces to mess around with if you want to build your own thing.


  • Fun building sets to get creative with – you can even build your own
  • Many different sets according to your taste ranging from 200 – 700 pieces
  • Comes with 2-3 Walking Dead figures – to defend your base
  • Pieces snap on for a nice sturdy and tight fit
  • Well made and Detailed to look like your favorite Walking Dead Scenes
  • Great price

Each set comes with 2 or 3 figures
so you’ll have some characters to play with in the environments. The pieces are quite sturdy because they are made very well. The sets are plastic and they snap together for a nice tight fit. So, they won’t be falling apart on you. You can also mix and match if you have different sets. Just like Lego.


The prison tower set is my favorite. It has a good bit of detail on the gate. Really cool. I’ve actually seen some people that had neat ideas. They bought multiple sets to make a whole prison yard. Talk about awesome! That’s the sort of thing that gets me excited about these. Seeing what you can make with them. Construction sets are definitely gift ideas Walking Dead fans are looking for.


McFarlane Toys Building Sets -The Walking Dead TV Prison Tower & Gate Building SetMcFarlane Toys Building Sets -The Walking Dead TV Prison Tower & Gate Building SetMcFarlane Toys Construction Sets, The Walking Dead TV Prison Boiler Room, Play SetMcFarlane Toys Construction Sets, The Walking Dead TV Prison Boiler Room, Play SetMcFarlane Toys Construction Sets- The Walking Dead TV Dale's RV SetMcFarlane Toys Construction Sets- The Walking Dead TV Dale’s RV Set



Need some more figures for your construction sets? They have plenty more zombie figures right here!

Funko Pop The Walking Dead gift ideas for the ones who like cute characters


 Funko POP Television: The Walking Dead – Daryl (Rocket Launcher) Action Figure

You can’t have a gift list without mentioning these cute little figures. The Funko Pop line! These are stylized figurines about 4 inches tall. The perfect size for sitting on your desk or shelf. There are so many Walking Dead Funko Pop figures. In fact, Funko makes so many figures from all kinds of different series. That makes them so much more collectible.


Furthermore, Daryl really looks great as a display piece. Since he’s so detailed. This Daryl, yes they have multiple versions, is from when he blew up the saviors with a rocket launcher. He definitely took care of them!


Admit it, this figure is super cute. All of the Funko toys are. The display boxes for them are particularly nice. Great gifts for Walking Dead lovers.


There are cuter Walking Dead themed gifts here!


The Walking Dead gift ideas – Collectible Statues


Have you ever chilled out with The Walking Dead characters? Well, now you can! Since these figures look exactly like the cast members. They actually took 3D scans of each cast member in order to model these figures just right. They look so exact, it’s like you can have Michonne just chilling out on your shelf with you.


Michonne herself comes with 2 alternate arms so you can adjust her pose, a black stand to help her stand up, and a sheath for her katana. Glenn comes with a knife, his gun, and a black stand for him. Rick comes with accessories too. He comes with a knife, a gun, a machete, and a chain weapon. You can place them into different poses and even create your own scenes for display.


  • Hang out with your favorite Walking Dead characters
  • They look exactly like the Walking Dead characters – you’ll think they are right there with you
  • They come in perfect boxes – awesome for collectors
  • Each comes with a number of different accessories to pose them differently
  • 10″ tall – awesome size for figurines
  • Officially licensed
  • Really well priced for how amazing they look

The boxes look wonderful for these fine folks. Because it has a picture of their face, the official walking dead logo, and the name of each character. So, if you want to put them on display the boxes are great for collectors.


These are my favorite walking dead statues. They are very well made and they are officially licensed.


McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV - 10McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV – 10″ Michonne Deluxe FigureMcFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Glenn 10McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Glenn 10″ Deluxe Action Figure McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV 10″ Rick Grimes Vigilante Edition Deluxe Figure


They also have 7″ Walking Dead statues on sale!


Action figures


Awesome pose-able Walking Dead action figures. They have so many different points of articulation so you can pose them in many many different ways. Each figure comes with a large number of accessories. Like Glenn, he comes with body armor, 2 guns, a pipe, and an additional bruised up face, since it’s fun to change it up. These are true action figures that are meant to be played with. I love the idea of getting multiple of these for a Walking Dead gift set.


There are also plenty more options on Walking Dead action figures.


McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 6 Rick Grimes FigureMcFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 6 Rick Grimes Figure McFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 6 Daryl Dixon Action FigureMcFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Glenn Action FigureMcFarlane Toys The Walking Dead TV Series 5 Glenn Action Figure


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