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A Steve Toy From Minecraft For The Biggest Fans


A Steve action figure from the popular game Minecraft. It's a great toy for the kids!

Are you looking for the perfect Minecraft toy? I’ve been trying to find a great toy for ages. For a Minecraft toy Steve figure, to be specific. And I think I’ve found it. The Core Steve toy from Minecraft is a wonderful gift for kids. It’s simple, well made, and reminds Minecraft fans of their favorite experiences from the game. Steve is a great character that’s easy to connect with for kids and adults. The figure looks just like him too. I can easily say it’s one of the hottest toys out there right now.


He has plenty of features as well. Who would think such a little toy would provide so much entertainment value. There’s so much to do with Steve when it comes to play and display. His display box looks very nice. And there’s plenty more toys to collect in the series. So before we head into the specifics, I’d like to tell you why I really think Steve is a great toy and why he’s important to me.



Reasons why Steve is important to me


 The first time I saw the character Steve I was in college. I had just started playing Minecraft and learned that when you press a button on the keyboard you can see your character (which is Steve). Just looking at the figure reminds me of those wonderful times. Minecraft was an escape from the homework and studying, a time to just relax and build things. I found it very calming and a great way to unwind. I still do! Although, I haven’t played in a year or two. I remember looking up a guide or a tutorial on how to build different structures or how to make Redstone work correctly. Good fun.


During those times I also started playing the multiplayer part of Minecraft. You join a server and meet a lot of interesting folks. I had some great times and made some friends too. Steve is the default skin for Minecraft if you haven’t changed it. So you always see a few Steves running around online. I’ll talk more about the skins below!


This toy just reminds me of all of the fun times I had. That’s why I love to have him displayed on top of his coal block and it’s easy to just fidget around with him too. Just like a fidget spinner for Minecraft. The toy is simple, well made, and fun.



Already know you want the toy?

Buy the Minecraft figure Steve toy here!


Important info summary on this figure


What it is: An action figure of Steve from Minecraft

Size: It’s a small toy, about 3 inches tall

Durability: It’s very durable, great for outside play

Articulation: You can move the legs, arms, and head back and forth

Accessories: A coal ore block and a pickaxe

Assembly: None, you can take it apart and snap it back together though

Packaging: Classic kids toy plastic box with cardboard back

Collectibility: Part of a collection of figures from Minecraft, specifically series 1

Reviews: Very positive


Who’s this Steve fellow?


The short answer is, you’re Steve. When you start up Minecraft, you spawn into a grandiose world with vast mountain ranges, temperate jungles, lush forests, and gentle plains. What better a person to explore all of that than you? Steve is the silent hero that each player can project their own personality onto. It’s much easier to do that with a character you don’t know much about. You’re given the opportunity to fill in the blanks yourself. He gets to be the hero that you choose, whether you want to save a village from a zombie attack during the night or steal all of their crops and kill their livestock. I sometimes opt for the bad route. What can I say, Steve needs to eat. Speaking of zombie attacks, there’s a Minecraft zombie action figure too!


His appearance is very plain. He wears a simple blue outfit and has no striking features. Everything about him is meant to reinforce the idea that Steve is who you want him to be. An empty canvas you can paint yourself onto. Perhaps that’s why I and loads of other Minecraft fans feel a great connection with Steve, despite knowing next to nothing about him.


This is the most awesome of the Minecraft Steve figures. An amazing toy for kids to play with. And totally fun for boys to take outside since it's so durable.

Speaking of an empty canvas, you can completely change his look by installing a player skin. Either one you’ve created or something awesome another person has made. He can be superman or a sock puppet and anything in between. It’s up to you.


Even though he seems very plain within the world of Minecraft, if you transfer his skills to the real world, he has some heroic abilities and strengths. He can chop down trees and break stone blocks with his bare hands. Or he can build houses and skyscrapers, anything really, in a tiny amount of time. When you think about it, he has tons of skills because there is so much he can do in Minecraft.



Why would you want this Steve figure? Because he’s the classic hero from Minecraft everyone knows and loves. He’s easily recognizable and whatever you want him to be. Dependable in a pinch too!


Does the Steve toy from Minecraft, well, look like Steve?


How closely does this figure resemble Steve from Minecraft? It’s just about an exact match. He looks the same as the in-game character.They went for a pixelated look, adding darker toned squares here and there to convey that Minecraft look and feel. Blue outfit? Check. Cube look? Check. Plain face with a smile or beard depending on who you ask? Check. It’s definitely Steve.


Need some animal companions for Steve? Check here!


There are only a few trivial color issues that you likely won’t notice. His skin is a tad more pale of a tint, his hair is slightly lighter, his shirt, a shade darker. All tiny nitpicky things and negligible.


A very well done and cute figure of Steve.


The Minecraft 3 inch Steve action figure is fully poseable so he can do just about anything. Including posing for glamour shots. A fun toy for kids to use their imagination.

How does he feel?

The Minecraft Steve action figure is made out of plastic which is pretty common for a lot of action figures. Pretty light too. And yet, he still feels sturdy and durable. His arms and head can pop off but, the remedy for this situation is quite easy and quick. They just as easily pop back on. He has ball sockets that you click the arms onto and the head goes right back on for a snug fit. Since the Steve Minecraft figure is just plastic he also can go for a swim without any harm.


Does Minecraft Steve have any educational benefits?


The short answer is no, but the Minecraft game has many educational benefits. And Steve is a fine extension of it. Minecraft has been used in classrooms to teach many concepts for kids. One is a recreation of historical places like Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower, and the Acropolis. Another is a storytelling device. Players can create locations, journals, and give backstory to characters. Math is a concept that goes very well with Minecraft. In order to build, kids need to learn proper proportions for construction. For example, building a simple circle in Minecraft requires different block measurements for different sizes and looking at the radius and diameter become very important.


Most importantly of all, Minecraft is a game about being creative. Both Minecraft and this Steve toy help to foster kids imaginations. I especially love the creative aspect of Minecraft. I loved to build when I played it. And I still do. I think the creative ways to play the game will bring a lot of imagination to how kids will play with the action figure.



Play and Display


While Steve is swimming, don’t forget to have him come back up for air once in a while. We don’t want him to run out of oxygen. In-game Steve has a breath gauge that looks like a line of bubbles. When you go underwater they start to run out. And when they do run out, Steve starts to lose health.


It’s fun to role-play these little situations with your Steve from Minecraft toy. Kids have great imaginations so there are plenty of adventures for Steve to go on. Especially considering all of the things he can do within the game. The possibilities are endless. The toy is great for outside play too since it’s so durable. Minecraft is all about exploring the world, so why not bring a little bit of that into your life?


Steve also comes with coal block and pickaxe accessories
. The pickaxe clicks into Steve’s hand with ease. It stays there too. He has little notches in his hands made so that the pick fits nice and snug. The coal block works great as a display stand. Or, you can make Steve mine the coal. It doesn’t do anything, but it’s fun to use your imagination. Coal is one of the first things he needs to survive the night. For torches are your protectors from the evils of the darkness. The torches actually stop the enemies from spawning within the light radius.


For display, I mentioned the coal block, but Steve is also a wonderful accessory in a kid’s Minecraft themed room. Place him on a desk or bookshelf and he’ll fit right in.


The Box


The box isn’t anything spectacular. It won’t wow you in any specific way. But, for what it is, I think it’s nice. It’s one of those classic kid’s toy boxes. You know the kind. It has the cardboard back that you rip off to pull out the plastic piece the figure seems to be almost cemented into. It’s so hard to get out sometimes. But, you know, the box art is nice. It’s a grass block from Minecraft. It displays the figure and accessories clearly with the Minecraft logo and recommended age for the toy which is 6+ by the way. So all you 5-year-olds are gonna get carded at the door. Watch yourself.


The back of the box shows off other Minecraft figures in the series as well as some facts about Steve. There are a few things about the box that show you the developers went that extra mile to make it nice. The edges of the box for example. They are all squared off, and you can tell they did it on purpose to make it more Minecraft-like. Pretty fancy in my opinion.



Minecraft Steve figure review by Evan




 Minecraft Steve Action Figure   Click Here to   Buy it from

Officially licensed Steve Minecraft toys

Articulated with moving arms and legs

Comes with coal block and iron pick axe accessories

Notched hands lets Steve hold the pickaxe with ease

Stands up on his own

3 inches tall

Great toy for kids with many collectible figures in the series



Other Minecraft toys Steve can play with


There are plenty more toys in the series to collect. The Minecraft 3 inch Steve action figure is just one of many figures from series 1. And there are 3 different series with all kinds of figures ranging from animals and zombies to pigmen and charged creepers. Each one comes with its own accessories. Like the charged creeper has an obsidian block and a spawn egg. It’s fun to collect them all and make your own little Minecraft set up with all of the characters.


If you want some different options on Steve there are a couple more bundles you can get. They are the same exact Steve toy, just with different accessories. One is the Steve with a brown horse named Chestnut. There’s a Steve with a white horse too. Steve with a mine cart. And finally, a survival Steve that includes a bed, crafting table, a chest, wood pickaxe, and wooden sword.

Minecraft Birthday Ideas


Not only does Steve make a great gift or birthday present but, there’s also something interesting you can do for a Minecraft themed birthday party. Use him as a cake topper! The short height of the figure (3 inches) and it’s lightweight making it perfect for sitting on top of a cake. Minecraft in the past, I don’t know, five or so years has become so popular. I’ve seen many birthday cakes decorated for young Minecraft fans. It’s very popular for both boys and girls because of its simplistic style and bright colors. And the creeper is always a vital part of a Minecraft birthday cake.


The Verdict

Of all the Minecraft toys Steve is a classic. Fully articulated and fun action figure to boot. He comes with 2 awesome accessories. A Coal block and Iron Pickaxe.The Core Steve toy from Minecraft is a great figure. It’s a sturdy and durable little 3-inch toy with two nice accessories, the coal block, and pickaxe. You can even place the pickaxe in his hands! He’s well articulated with movable arms and legs just like Steve in the game.


There are plenty of other great toys in the series to collect with their own accessories. Just like the Diamond Armor Steve Toy. Overall it’s a wonderful toy for collectors and young Minecrafters alike, ages 6 and up of course. If you’re trying to find terrific Minecraft Steve figures, this is a classic.









Buy the Minecraft Core Steve figure here!


Illustrations by Nicholas @ Character Collectors

Youtube video by EvanTubeHD

Adjustments were made to the following photos:

Minecraft Birthday Cake photo by Carsten on Flickr

Picture of Steve Playing video games by Morgan on Flickr

Steve on a guitar photo by Morgan on Flickr

Books and Steve photo by Morgan on Flickr

Steve with dog photo by Morgan on Flickr


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