The Core Minecraft Toy Creeper Figures Are Perfect Gifts for Minecraft Fans

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Buy The Brand New Core Minecraft Toy Creeper Action Figure

The creeper is probably the most recognized character from Minecraft because of its strange look. That’s one of the reasons I knew I had to have the Minecraft toy creeper figure. And not only that but also the charged creeper. Which I’d like to tell you about right now.

Creepers have an explosive personality


Have you ever spent countless hours working on something, really pouring your heart and soul into it? When you finish, you feel proud and accomplished. “Hey, I made that!” And then you turn around and it all gets blown to bits. All of that hard work wiped away in a second like a sandcastle at the beach, swallowed by the ocean. It’s the soul-crushing abilities of the creeper that’s to blame for these types of situations in Minecraft. It’s happened so many times to me. And it’s always a hard to replace material!


Minecraft is the popular block building game by Mojang. It’s like digital Legos, you can build whatever your heart desires. The game is easy to spot with its distinct appearance since everything is in a clean, crisp, cuboid shape.  Trees, leaves, and even the water are all cube-like, the monsters too. In the insanely fun (most of the time) survival mode, you have to collect all of the materials you want to build with. But, you also have to defend yourself against the evil hordes that come out at night. One such enemy is the creeper.


We all know about skeletons, harmful zombies, and possibly even the creepy enderman which are “mobs” or enemies in Minecraft. They both have a specific look we can all recognize but, the creeper has a unique design you won’t find anywhere else. It has a simple look to it. Pretty cute actually, in a, you know it’s going to blow you up the moment it sees you kind of way. It’s green, has no arms, and 4 little feet it uses to scurry up next to you so it can self-destruct.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been putting together an extravagant masterpiece only to hear that “Psssssssssssst” noise and find myself in a pile of rubble. Creepers love to hiss and expand until they explode and destroy everything. Just like a big ol‘ block of dynamite. Despite the fact that they can be frustratingly evil at times, the creeper is a memorable character that holds a special place in every Minecrafter’s heart.


Minecraft Creeper Toys Classic figurine – The looks


The creeper from Minecraft toy is not an exact replica of the creeper in Minecraft. You won’t realize it though unless you have them side by side. The main difference is the color variations. There are so many different pixels of color in the Minecraft creeper. From deep dark saturated greens to light bright whites. The Minecraft Creeper looks pretty busy, to be honest. And not in the, he has lots to do kind of way. This figure simplifies things in that department a little bit. It uses two simple green colors to maintain that classic pixelated look. Otherwise, it looks exactly how you would expect. Its face is spot on and the figure is really close in appearance, right down to its little feet.


This little monster will still fill you with fright. Just like it does in the game. You’ll want to hide your valuables just in case he decides to blow up on you. Luckily this figure won’t explode. Unless you microwave it. Which is not recommended for safety purposes. Both for you, and the Creeper.


Creepers gonna creep – Display and play


Creepers usually explode. Luckily for all of us, this one doesn’t. But, you can use your imagination for that. Creepers use the element of surprise to take out their victims. They creep up on them, especially during the day. Most enemies burn in the sunlight, however, the creeper does not. That’s how they get you. You’d least expect an enemy to get you during the safe daytime hours but, here comes Mr. Creeper.  So it’s fun to role-play that zombies and skeletons have to take shelter in a dark place but, creepers can go after Steve during the day.


As for the display, you have a few options. This figure comes with a TNT block which works perfectly as a display stand. It especially looks awesome when you have a full collection of figures all set up on their accessory blocks as little display stands. I’ve also seen displays with full Minecraft bases set up and those look so awesome. The creepers are set up to look like they’re destroying the outer walls with plenty of other shenanigans going on. What with zombies, skeletons, and enderman. But, you have to be pretty dedicated to set up something like that. I love doing it as a hobby. There’s so much you can do with the Minecraft characters to create fun and interesting displays. Another option for display is to simply leave it in the box which looks great.


It’s up to you how you’d like to display your figures. But, it’s just one of my favorite parts of being a collector.


The Box


The Minecraft Core Creeper’s box is fantastic. The outstanding visuals and official look of the box give you a sense that you purchased a quality toy. And it doesn’t let you down in that regard. You can tell effort went into looking at the fine details. The background features the pixelated style of a grass block from Minecraft with brown accents like you’d see in the game. You can see the official Minecraft logo and Steve at the bottom of the package lending it a little bit of extra color and visual appeal. The box presents itself well as an official Minecraft toy with a clean crisp look. Even the hanger is squared off. You know how toy boxes have cutouts for hanging them on the hooks when you see them in stores? These mimic the cube shape of Minecraft.


The only thing I don’t like about the box is that it’s not an actual box. Like many kids toys, you can’t reseal this one. Once you rip off the cardboard back piece, the box is done. So for collectors, you have to make the choice of keeping it sealed in the package or taking it out for display. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s something I like to look at.


Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure with AccessoryMinecraft Core Creeper Action Figure with Accessory

Comes articulated with head and feet movement

Includes gunpowder and TNT block accessories

3-inch tall action figure

Officially licensed Minecraft toy

Looks just like the creeper from Minecraft

Durable and well made

Very collectible with many figures in this series


Video Review by TTPM Toy Reviews




I rate how collectible something is by how many other figures there are in a similar series. And in that way, the Minecraft Core Creeper Action Figure is quite the promising prospect. There are a number of figures in series one, of which the creeper is a part of. Series 2 and 3 also have a plethora of toys. So, there are lots to collect. And each one comes with a number of accessories similar to the TNT and gunpowder that comes with the creeper. Sometimes there are more and sometimes less. It’s easy to create your own little shrine to Minecraft with all of the figures they have available!


The Verdict


The toy Minecraft Creeper Action Figure doesn’t have too many downsides. There aren’t any other action figures of the creeper to compare it to. That said, even if there were, this would be a high contender for the best one. It’s a simple and well-made toy with a few nice features and some cool accessories that compliment the toy well. And at 3 inches tall there is plenty of room to collect more. I would highly recommend this figure to anyone in the mood for a creeper toy.


Buy the Minecraft Core Creeper Toy from Amazon here!

This guy will give you a jolt – The Charged Creeper


We all know and love creepers from Minecraft. I’m not using love in the strongest sense here. They always know where to look for the newest and best creation you’ve built, so they can destroy it with glee. You can look at their face and know in your heart, they’re meant to destroy. And you’ll never see them coming! You won’t hear them either until it’s too late.


What we’re not as familiar with is the charged creeper and that’s because this guy is pretty rare. The first time I saw one in the game, immediately I had to go check it out. Mistakes were made. Charged creepers only show up after a particularly violent lightning storm. In order to create one, lightning has to strike a regular creeper or at least hit the ground within a few blocks of one. Infused with the power of a bolt of lightning, the creeper’s power is increased twofold. That may not seem like a lot, but let me assure you, when it’s leveling your base, it’ll seem like a ton. You better build a big wall around that castle, or else the palace and those crown jewels will be going bye bye.


The main way to tell a creeper is charged is the bright blue energy around it, swirling across its skin. Pretty much just what you’d imagine if you tried to think of something that is electrified.


How does the Minecraft Core Charged Creeper look?


The charged creeper looks exactly the same as the Minecraft Core Creeper Action figure. The main exception is the glowing blue aura around it. I know I said glowing, it doesn’t actually glow. But, in my mind, I can see that effect. The reality is that it’s just a clear plastic blue casing around the creeper. There are little pieces missing to give it that pixelated style and to show the effect of moving blue energy. I think it works really well.


You can also remove the charged effect leaving a plain old creeper. Do this easily by pulling it off of the head and the feet. The feet may come off when you attempt to remove the effect but, they simply snap back in. To take the effect off of the body, you’ll need to remove the head. However, if you buy the charged creeper in order to pass up the normal creeper toy, you won’t get the TNT or gunpowder accessories which are a big draw to collecting the toys for me. The accessories that come with the charged creeper are an obsidian block, plus a creeper spawn egg. It’s fitting that it comes with an obsidian block because that happens to be the only one a creeper cannot destroy. Not even the charged creepers.


Showing off the charged creeper


Displaying this dude is just as easy as ever since there are plenty of options to put its electrified personality into the spotlight. My personal preference is to place him atop his obsidian block since, ya know, he won’t grief (destroy) it. Because as I mentioned before, the only block creepers can’t break, is the obsidian block. Setting up a larger display offers up plenty of opportunities for role play. Since it takes a bolt of lightning to create a charged creeper you can use that to your advantage to make something truly remarkable. People come up with some ingeniously clever stuff. Setting up a LED lighting lightning display(say that three times fast), making it hit a creeper to charge it for example. You could say it’s over the top for sure, but it’s a very fun hobby to build up to.


And for kids, it provides a lot of fun adventures to go on. But, hopefully not during an actual lightning storm. Don’t do that. The other option I would suggest, for display, is usually reserved for the hardcore collectors. And that’s keeping it in the box. The boxes are nice so I think it’s worth doing.


The Box


The box for the charged creeper is a little bit different than the normal box for the Core Minecraft Figures because it’s a series 3 toy. Series 3 is just the third iteration of figures made in the Core Minecraft Figure series. The box itself is a grass block, similar to the box for series one, however, it features the side of the grass block instead of the top. So you have grass at the top of the box and dirt towards the bottom. I think the contrast is a little bit nicer on this one. They used a lighter green for the grass block and it pops a lot more against the deep brown colored dirt.

The Minecraft logo was also moved from the bottom up to the top with artwork of the charged creeper and the name of the figure going down to the bottom. It’s small stuff but, in my opinion, the box has taken a step up in terms of presentation from the series one figures.



 Minecraft Charged Creeper Pack

Series 3 Minecraft Core figure

Includes Minecraft core Creeper action figure accessories obsidian block and creeper spawn egg

Electric coating is removable

Creeper is articulated with movable head and feet

Official Minecraft Toys Creeper

A toy of great quality – Sturdy and durable

3″ figure

Very collectible with many other figures in the series





The charged creeper is one of many figures in the Minecraft Core Figure series. There’s a large roster of figures to collect from series one through three. And each of them come with some sort of accessory, a lot of them being a Minecraft block plus an item. The blocks make for great display stands to pop them onto. Collect them all!


The Verdict


The charged creeper is another great addition to the Minecraft Core series figures. He has two accessories. One is the obsidian block and the other, a creeper spawn egg. It’s 3 inches tall and it’s sturdy and durable like you’d expect from an official Minecraft toy. I would Highly recommend it.


You can find the charged creeper on Amazon here!

Creeper Wallpaper photo by hobbymb on flickr

Creeper T-shirt photo by Rodney Barata on flickr

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