The Brand New Marvel Punisher Action Figure is available for pre-order!

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The new Marvel Punisher action figure will be very popular with the Netflix series coming out



There’s a brand new Marvel Punisher action figure coming out and it’s available for pre-order right now! It’s specifically the Netflix Punisher figure from Hot Toys and it happens to be a fantastic new version so far.


The toy is modeled after Jon Bernthal who is playing the Punisher the Daredevil TV series as well as the upcoming spin-off TV show. And you guessed it, the series will be called The Punisher. Who would have thought?


I think this figure is best for action figure collectors but, also for big fans of the Marvel TV series universe. Shows like Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, as well as the upcoming Defenders, Punisher, and Cloak and Dagger series.


If you loved the comic book version of the Punisher like me and so many others you may also want to check out this guy.


So let’s get on with what we’re interested in today! Here’s what I think is awesome about the Netflix Punisher figure from Hot Toys.


New character design and ultra-realistic facial sculpt



Comic book enthusiasts won’t recognize this version of the Punisher because he’s been completely redesigned for the new TV series. I guess the giant skull on his chest might give it away but, he isn’t wearing an outfit designed for the special forces.


He looks more like a true self-made vigilante taking things into his own hands and that’s what the Punisher is known for.


The iconic skull on his bullet proof vest looks more menacing and less professionally designed if you get what I mean. It looks like he made it himself and it’s seen some use.


Everything on this figure has been specifically tailored to match every detail of the new Netflix TV series main character. The clothing, accessories, and especially the facial sculpt.


If you haven’t seen him in his appearances in the Daredevil series, you may have seen Jon Bernthal as Shane in The Walking Dead. And if you haven’t, take my word for it that the face on this figure looks EXACTLY like him. Hot Toys, as usual, hits the bullseye when it comes to sculpting faces.


You won’t find another figure with the amount of craftsmanship and detail that this one has.


Realistic materials and awesome accessories


As I mentioned before the craftsmanship is impeccable. The leather jacket looks like real leather even when you look very carefully at it. The vest looks like it should. Hot Toys went all out for this action figure.


The brand new Marvel Punisher action figure comes with loads of accessories too. As is expected with this kind of product. Ten hands you can switch out, the leather jacket, boots, a belt, bulletproof vest, T-shirt, black pants, Daredevil mask, assault rifle, minigun, revolver, and dagger.


He even comes with a neat stand that I’ll talk about in just a bit!


The minigun is my favorite weapon! How could it not be?


Marvel Punisher action figure articulation


It wouldn’t be an action figure if we didn’t talk about the articulation. Elbows, wrists, shoulders, head, knees, hips, and torso all have awesome joints you can bend and rotate in just about any way you want. And with ten hand replacements, you can put him into just about any pose holding anything you want! A great product.


Daredevil is the Perfect companion for the Punisher Hot Toys sixth scale figure



Punisher here is the perfect companion to the Daredevil figure from Hot Toys. Punisher not only appears in the Daredevil TV series but, he comes with a broken Daredevil helmet and has a Daredevil cityscape backdrop for his stand. It actually looks fantastic. Really awesome!


If you’re interested in another vigilante type of anti-hero check out Deadpool!


I think the Netflix Punisher figure from Hot Toys is a necessary purchase for any huge fans of the Daredevil show and especially if you’re a collector.


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