The Top 5 Best Ideas for Displaying Collections – Especially for Beginners

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Best Ideas for Displaying Collections – The Top 5


Looking for ways to show off your collection? It’s hard to figure out how to display collectibles, isn’t it? I’ve looked too. Sure, there are some really cool pictures of ways to organize collections but there’s nothing written down about how to get it or what makes for the best set up.


I’ve got all of your answers right here. I’ll be showing all the best ideas for displaying collections I’ve found, and where to get them.


Do you want that room or display case to look perfect? If you really want your collection to look professional and awesome you should check out this guide. It will give you plenty of awesome ideas to work with.


How to display collectibles

#1 Glass Cabinets – The best action figures display cases


All of the best action figure display ideas listed right here! This one is a glass display case with many benefits.


We’ll start off with one of the best action figure display ideas. A glass cabinet. The best cabinet I’ve found, that you can order online, is the Coaster Home Furnishings Black Curio Cabinet.


It’s a great looking glass display cabinet. There’s plenty of room between the shelves (14-16″) for larger collectibles and you can remove the shelving for even more space.


These are great if you don’t have a ton of space to work with. They don’t take up much space at all!

And if you do have plenty of space, they look great side by side. It’s also easy to install puck lights or LED strips along the bottom of the glass shelves to keep your collectibles well lit.


Lighting is so important for an awesome display. You can actually do a custom DIY install of LED strips without too much trouble. My LED strip installation guide walks you through it! It’ll give you the full run-down on all the ins and outs of the electrical wiring and how to set it up.



 Coaster Home Furnishings Black Curio Cabinet

Glass Curio Cabinet to see your collectibles from any angle

Fits just about any room based on its size and design

Removable shelving lets you put large collectibles inside

Protects your items and limits dust

Easy to install lighting to the bottom of the shelves






I would recommend this to anyone starting a collection that wants to keep their figures safe inside a glass case. And for those of you that are just starting to collect, this is my favorite idea for how to display action figures. It’s a great deal for a museum quality display.


It looks fantastic and it’s not overly expensive considering what you’re getting. Anything else you’ll find that looks this nice is going to be MUCH more expensive.


Another positive of having a case is that in addition to protecting your collectibles, the case will keep out most of the dust. Less work for you to do because dusting isn’t too much fun.


#2 Bookcases



For shelving, there is a bit of a different approach you have to take. The cabinet I suggested above is all glass and has a look that fits into just about any room. Bookcase shelving is more specific to the room you have.


The specifics depend on how much space there is and if it matches the look of your house/apartment. Also, it’s important to decide if you want something that just does the job or if you’re looking for something top notch.


Something more top notch is the Pulaski Martin Bookcase. You’re getting great quality craftsmanship and easy construction. It’s well made and durable. And of course, it looks awesome.


Something more inexpensive would be the bookcase shelves by Homelegance. It’s more affordable and looks nice too.


Just like the glass case above, lighting is important and it’s not very hard to install some inexpensive lights. The lighting provides a dramatic improvement to the look of your display. It’s well worth the price and small effort to add it in.


 Pulaski Martin Bookcase Homelegance Bookcase


The only thing I could recommend more than these bookshelves are custom ones. The only downside is that those can get quite expensive unless you decide to do it yourself.


If you aren’t too excited about building your own bookshelf, the next closest thing to a custom display is floating shelves.


#3 Floating Shelves



Floating shelves are a great choice if you’re looking for customization. I think this is the best option if you want to organize your own display but, you’re not quite the expert craftsman. You can plan out exactly how you want to set up your display.


There are tons of different options with most of them being dependent on your specific setup and how you want to do things.


BUT, what I can suggest, is something really neat!


They are LED floating bar shelves. You can change the colors and have it fade in and out to different hues. Lots of options with it. This will definitely draw attention to your collection. They look so cool!


 LED Lighted Floating Shelf

LED shelf that looks super cool!

Can adjust to many different colors

You can chain the shelves together for more customization

This is how to display toys with a twist




#4 How to display toys with floating cabinets


Looking for ideas on how to display action figures that are smaller in size? There are a few large wall mounted curio cabinets for smaller collectibles too.  I would recommend these shelves if you’re into collecting items that aren’t super huge. Toys like Amiibos and Funko POP figures are fantastic for floating cabinets.


#5 Individual Display Cases


If you’re looking for a display case to house individual figures, there’s one case I can easily recommend. Not even just figures but, if you want to know how to display collectibles individually, this is what you’re looking for!


It’s an elite figure case that can accommodate figures up to 16″ tall. It also its own display lights built in. Not a feature you see too often. The case is sealed tight to eliminate any dust problems you might have. 0 dust makes a happy collector.


 Elite LED Lighted Statue Display Case

Elite display case that looks fantastic

Quality lighting already installed to show off your collectibles

Best for items around 12″ tall

If you have a special item you want to show off, this is the case!

Keeps dust out

One of the best action figure display ideas





If you have a prized item in your collection, you’ll want to put it in one of these cases. I love the idea of having a figure in one of these cases plus a nice poster behind it. Awesome idea for a little shrine to your favorite characters.


A few Other helpful items and toy collection display ideas




If you have action figures for display, a diorama can be really fun to build yourself. There are a few diorama kits that you can find online but, it will come out a lot better if you build it yourself from scratch.


Display Steps


When you have many figures as part of a display, you may not be able to see the ones in back. That’s where display steps come in.


So you can layer your figures in the back. Just like the floating shelves there are also LED display steps as well. They look awesome!


And that about wraps up the best ideas for displaying collections. I hope I’ve given you some great ideas. Happy collecting!



The Top 5 creative Ideas for displaying collections. Show off your figurines, toys, and dolls in style.

Altered images Credits

Gundam figures in glass display case by Stefanopaganini

WWII Tank Collection Display by Adam Purves (S3ISOR)

Floating shelf doll collection by Valeri-DBF

Prague Toy Museum Robot collection by Sarah_Ackerman

Red Toy room collection by State Farm



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