How to Pack a Collection for Shipping or Storage to Keep Them Safe

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My guide on how to pack a collection to keep it safe


Are you trying to figure out how to pack a collection the right way to keep it safe during shipping? Well, you’ve come to the right spot here folks because that’s what we’re going over today. It’s always a big pain to ship my fragile items. I always worry whether they will arrive safely or will I have a nice surprise when I open it back up.


Whether it’s an action figure collection or a collection of mini globes, whatever it is, you’ll be able to pack them safely with this guide. But, firsthings first. Before you pack your collectibles away, you’ll need to make sure they are nice and clean.


1. Make sure your collectibles are clean before you store or pack them


There are more detailed guides on cleaning your collectibles but, the basics are this:


Before you pack away your collectibles, make sure they are clean to avoid damage.


You want to keep all of your collectibles free of dust because it can cause damage. The dust actually will hold moisture from the air and can cause all kinds of problems for your collectibles. So using a cotton swab or soft bristled brush is a great idea. Perhaps a micro fiber cloth or even better would be a can of pressurized air.


The pressurized air is best used on your more fragile or delicate collectibles to free them of dust. It’s what I’d most highly recommend as it does the best job. Simple, easy, and inexpensive.


I always dust my collectibles once every week or two because there’s nothing worse than coming back to dust hardened on your items, it can happen more easily if you live in a humid area. The dust can take the paint off with it and do all sorts of not nice stuff.


So to make sure your collectibles are packed correctly, make sure you dust them with something like one of these:


Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster, 10 oz Cans, 2 PackDust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster, 10 oz Cans, 2 Pack 20 Pack – SimpleHouseware Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, 4 ColorsHeartybay 10Pieces Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Brush Set, BlueHeartybay 10Pieces Round Pointed Tip Nylon Hair Brush Set, Blue



2. Different collections have different needs!


If you have smaller collectibles like stamps or papers, you’ll want to think about putting them into an album or binder with acid-free paper or sleeves to keep them safe. This album is actually a great deal. Low price, durable, and acid-free pages. What more could you want?


 Pioneer Leatherette Post Bound Album 12″X12″-Burgundy


Once you have them all together and safe in an album, then you can follow the rest of the guide.


3. Packing Paper is going to be your best friend when packing fragile items for shipping


Lots of people want to know how to pack fragile items for shipping. And many people ask, “should I use packing paper or bubble wrap?”


I say, “why not both?”


Packing paper is amazing but, it can only do so much by itself. Sometimes you need a little extra cushion. Especially so if you have fragile items. So to start off, you’ll want to individually wrap each of your collectibles in acid-free packing paper.


Acid-free paper will prevent any color bleeding and avoid color stripping. It will also help to avoid any decaying process for your collectibles. It’s because the acid in paper products can break down the material and cause damage. If you’ve seen really old news papers that look yellow, that’s why. Acid-free packing paper will help avoid the decaying process and keep your items safe. And I guess the packing paper itself will be safe too, haha. I know you were worried about that!


Acid Free Tissue Paper - 100 Sheets 15Acid Free Tissue Paper – 100 Sheets 15″x20″ Acid-Free Tape King Clear Packing Tape


Make sure when taping the paper you avoid any contact with the tape and your items. If you tape your items, the acidic paper will be the least of your worries. Ripping off tape will definitely strip the paint off of your collectibles. It can be especially bad with vintage and antique items.


4. Wondering how to pack collectibles? Bubble wrap is the way!


Bubble wrap will provide that extra layer of cushioning for your fragile items. Depending on the size of your collectibles, you may want to do large bubble wrap or small bubble wrap.


I always do the bubble wrap after the packing paper with the bubbles facing inward, against your collectibles. So if someone wants to know how to pack collectibles, it’s packing paper then bubble wrap.


 50 Foot Bubble Cushioning Wrap, 1/2″ (LARGE) Bubblespeng 175' Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap 3/16, Perforated Every 12peng 175′ Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap 3/16, Perforated Every 12″


5. Keep your collectibles upright


It’s much safer to keep them separated and upright rather than laying on top of each other. That way there isn’t any extra weight on your collectibles, especially the ones that would be at the bottom of the pile. And part of making sure they are separated is using dividers.


This is especially useful if you’re looking up how to package action figures. They are perfect for using dividers.


6. How to pack fragile items for shipping with the appropriate box size and dividers



Heavier packages should have a box that is as small as possible to make it easier to carry. There’s nothing worse than having to carry an awkwardly sized box that weighs a ton. I love to carry big heavy boxes up and down the steps! Smaller boxes will be much more manageable.


Cardboard dividers become necessary when you have more than one collectible per box. They are really easy to make too.


How to make cardboard box divider inserts


Here are a few helpful items you may need to make your dividers:



Make sure that when you make your dividers, you measure out how big your collectibles are and take note that the packing paper and bubble wrap will be going in too. So a little extra space will be necessary. Now we can make our dividers with 10 simple steps. It’s easy, fast, and keeps your collectibles extra safe.




  1. Measure the length of your box
  2. Cut the length box dividers (1) to said length
  3. Make sure they fit snugly
  4. Hot glue the length dividers in
  5. Measure the width of your box
  6. Cut the width dividers (2) to the width of the box
  7. Measure the width of your length dividers (1) for the next step
  8. Cut slits into the width dividers (3) so they can fit down over top of the length dividers
  9. Fit the width dividers down over top of the length dividers and hot glue them in
  10. Cover the tops of your dividers in tape to keep them smooth


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7. Place packing paper in the bottom of the box


Before you put your collectibles into the box, you’ll want to make sure they are surrounded by the acid-free paper to make sure it’s compact. We don’t want any wiggle room. It should be all secure.


So we’ll put some paper in the bottom of the box and then once we’ve got all of our collection put in we can pack more in the top.


8. Mark the box as fragile



It may seem like common sense to do this but, if you didn’t think of it, make sure you write that the box is fragile on one of the sides. Just to avoid any mishaps!


More detail on How to pack action figures




There’s something that I’d like to note for your collectibles.  This part isn’t really about how to pack action figures but, more about keeping them safe after they’ve been packed. For action figures specifically, and possibly a few other collectibles, you may not want to keep them packed up for a long period of time.


When storing action figures it’s important to remember that plasticizer can harm your figures when they are boxed up for a long period of time. But, otherwise, the plasticizer is a good thing.


So, make sure you let your collectibles breathe for a bit once in a while. Not to mention other things that can damage your action figures like the heat. It’s important to store action figures properly.


That’s my guide on how to pack a collection. With it, your most fragile items should still come out on the other side unscathed.








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