How to Organize Your Collectibles – Have Your Collection Stand Out

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How to Organize Your Collectibles Room for Display



An organized collection looks great. And the point of having a display is to make it look really nice right? Keeping it organized will make your collection shine. So let’s go through some great ideas on how to organize your collectibles. Doesn’t that room look awesome? Those shelves look fantastic.


How to organize a collection with the right shelving



Whether it’s a bookshelf, display case, or floating shelf, it’s important to find the right housing for your collection. There’s a fine balance between used space and empty space on your shelving that can make a collection look awesome. Clutter doesn’t look nice. Larger collectibles, action figures, or toys need lots of room for display and obviously smaller ones need less space. They put the tallest items on the top shelf for maximum space.


Check out my shelving suggestions for the best ways to display your collections here!


In order to use your space more effectively for smaller figures, consider using display steps or acrylic risers so you can stack your items. They really come in handy. You can even use the box your collectibles came in to take up some more space behind it with the nice bonus of a great presentation. Or, you can put your collectible boxes on a shelf at the top of the room. It keeps them out of the way, organized, and it’s great to show off some of the cooler boxes you own.


Below are my recommendations for the display steps and acrylic risers. The display steps are great for smaller items. Lego figures, funko pops, amiibo, Nendoroids, jewelry, or any of your other smaller collectibles. They also have fantastic reviews on Amazon. The acrylic risers also have fantastic reviews but, I chose them because of the large variety of sizes. They are very sturdy too and are available in a number of different colors.

Azar 326043 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D Three-Tier Acrylic Step DisplayAzar 326043 12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D Three-Tier Acrylic Step Display SourceOneOrg 7 Piece Set (2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Inch) Clear Acrylic Risers


How to organize a display with lighting


The best ideas on how to organize a collection. Lighting is important!


Why not let your collection shine with some great lighting? Lighting is everything. Your collection should be well lit! LED light strips and puck lights are your friends. There are even LED light shelves! They make a huge difference in both the lighting for the entire room and showing off your collectibles in a great… light. Haha.


That Darkseid figure looks really awesome because the lighting shows off every detail. Great picture!


Check out my full tutorial on how to set up your own custom LED strip lighting for your display case. It’s the best way to make your collection really stand out.

 iHomy 16.4ft LED Flexible Light Strip, RGB 300LE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, 510lm Puck LightsLE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit, 510lm Puck Lights LED Lighted Floating Wall Shelf

Make sure there’s a little empty space.


Let it breathe. Collectibles that are all crammed together don’t look as nice. Each piece should get the space it deserves! Smaller figures get smaller shelf space and larger ones get more. It may seem like common sense but, you see collections all the time with mini figures on a giant shelf with too much empty space. Or you’ll see a small shelf with collectibles that barely fit on it.


A well-organized and thought-out display will look much more impressive than one with everything crammed into whatever space is available.


Busy and crowded spaces are bad things. Another thing to keep in mind is you don’t need every wall covered with shelving or posters or anything really. Sometimes a little white empty space will give your room a clean organized and professional look. Overwhelming your eyes with stuff makes your display not look as great.


Minimalist design is becoming very popular. And it’s because everything looks clean and nice and organized. Like it was put there with a purpose. Interior design works! Keep the same idea for your collection! This will give you ideas on how to organize a collection using design principles.


Interior Design Master Class: 100 Lessons from America's Finest Designers on the Art of DecorationInterior Design Master Class: 100 Lessons from America’s Finest Designers on the Art of Decoration


Pick and choose what you want to show off.



In order to keep everything clean and organized, you may not be able to show your whole collection. This is why curating your collection is important. Not everything needs to be put on display. After all for every extra thing you display on your shelf, the less important each thing becomes.


Even if the collection as a whole becomes more impressive. You want each one of your items to stand out and look fantastic just like that Gundam figure above.


If you hold your collectibles dear, I recommend you pick and choose which items you decide to show. You can switch it up once in a while and place other items out on display too. It can feel very rewarding to change out your collection once in a while and gives you a good reason to dust your items before storing them away. It’s less work to clean them as well when you store collectibles in a sealed box. No dust!


There’s a proper way to store your collectibles! If you’re collecting action figures you’ll want to see how to store action figures.


You can vary your shelf space and what’s on your shelving a little too. Collectibles don’t need to be on every single shelf and they don’t all have to be the same sized collectibles either. Use books or pictures or something related to your collection to add variety.


A full room of equally spaced shelving and collectibles can get a little repetitive and boring. Balance is important. That’s how to organize a collection and make it look awesome.


Items that work together stay together



Make sure your collection stays together. What do I mean? You may think about spacing out a collection throughout your house or apartment. A figure here a figure there. DON’T DO THIS! That’s not how to organize a display. Keep your collection on a shelf, wall, or room.


For example, let’s say you have a globe collection. It would look a little strange to have random globes spaced throughout the house. When you place them all on a shelf together it looks nice and makes more sense.


You may hear some say you should space it out. They will try to use items that are similar to have your collection blend in with your household items. But I completely disagree. I think it just looks strange and out of place. I’d much rather have a collection in one nice cabinet than spaced out throughout a whole house or apartment.


Those colorful balls would look really strange sitting in random spots around the house.


Decide how to organize your collection



Want to know how to organize a display? There are lots of ways. Organizing by color can add a great balance of size and shape variety while still looking, well, organized. That bookshelf sure does look fancy!


Organize by size. For each shelf, I’d recommend putting a lot of smaller items and a couple large items. It looks nice because the larger items give your eye something to lock onto. Just like the bug collection below, the larger ones attract your eye.


Make it into a story. Dioramas are very popular, especially for photography. Placing your items in a way to tell a story is a great way to organize your items.


Layer your collectibles on your shelf. You can put pictures behind your collectibles or taller items in the back and shorter in the front. This gives your display some depth.


Be consistent with your theme


Keep the same theme to your shelving. If you have brown wooden shelves, keep them all brown wood. Don’t mix and match shelving. You can be creative too. If you have a glass display case with white accents, it’s okay to use white shelving as well.


The best idea for how to organize your collection?



Have fun with it. Nothing’s set in stone. These are just general ideas for how to organize your collectibles. Try out different things. See what works for you. Displaying a collection is all about how you want to do it. So have fun with what you’re doing.


Image Credits and Modifications

Color organized bookcase by Juhan Sonin

Designer Toy Collections by thotfulspot

Bug Collection by Barta IV

Darkseid Display by Ryan Quick

Star Wars Diorama by The Conmunity – Pop Culture Geek

Gundam Pics by Joey

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