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Pictured above is the best Deadpool action figure from Marvel comics. He’s jumping through a wall yelling “chimichangas!?!” It isn’t because of what you’d think either. Not because he likes chimichangas themselves. It’s because he just likes the sound of the word. It’s a common theme for the anti-hero.


You can never tell what he’s thinking or what crazy thing he’ll do next. He’s very unpredictable and that works to his advantage.


With this figure though, you can make him do whatever you want. They’ve given us complete control over whatever he does with excellent articulation.


Sideshow Collectibles has done a wonderful job with this figure by making him look both awesome and silly as a goose at the same time. He’s just so cool! I love Deadpool and he’s a must have for big fans.



Why is this figure so awesome


Why is this figure so awesome? Well, for a start it’s Deadpool. Can’t go wrong with that!


It’s not only the fact that I think he’s an awesome comic book character with humor, lots of action, and great art. But, he just straight up looks cool and that’s a huge part of collecting for me. He’s a perfect display piece. As far as posable figures go, this one is top notch.



Deadpool Figure Features List


 Sixth scale Deadpool action figure

Comes with TONS of awesome accessories that complement the figure well

articulated to perfection so he can fit almost any pose you can think of

A figurine of one of the best Super… Anti-Heroes

Filled to the brim with amazing details right down to realistic materials from a well-known brand



Why Sideshow?


Sideshow Collectibles is known for its fantastic quality figures. Both statues and poseable action figures. When I buy from there I know I’m getting something nice. I don’t have to worry about knock off or cheap toys. So if you’re looking for where to get awesome Marvel Deadpool toys, this is the spot.


Deadpool’s Design


Deadpool doesn’t usually wear much armor. He’s a close combat fighter most of the time when he’s not shooting everything up. However, this time he’s come packing a lot of heat and I think the design looks pretty darn sweet.


Deadpool still has his classic red and black suit but, he’s covered with pouches and a few pieces of metal armor here and there. He’s dressed to the nines as they say.



Now, this character looks less like a comic book character and more like a real battle-hardened mercenary, which is mostly what Deadpool is all about. Killing stuff and being goofy with it.


This statue goes for more of a gritty and realistic look even with a few bright colors thrown in. I did mention that he is still silly in some ways, let’s talk about that.



Deadpool Accessories


Let’s get to the silly as a goose part of the figure. He comes with a large number of accessories that I love. They fit so well with his character.


The main pieces that achieve this are the two speech bubbles included along with a number of stickers. From Deadpool themed Emoji to some sarcastic quotes you’d only find Deadpool saying. “OHHHH, I GET IT!” definitely sounds like Deadpool.


That’s one of my favorite features of this action figure. Because not only can you put him into an awesome pose where he’s coming at you with a kicking motion and shooting his guns. But, you can also attach a speech bubble to a hook so it’s right above his head that says “PWN!” on it.


A large number of other accessories are included as well. Pistols, assault rifle, dagger, katanas, grenades, an alternate face, and many hand attachments.


Deadpool’s Fine Details


There is so much detail packed into this figure. Just looking at the fabric of his costume it’s impressive. The materials are true to what they would actually look like on a life size version. You can tell what should be leather and what is cloth and what is metal too.


Even his shoulder pads are painted like worn metal. So awesome!


Perhaps just the mask isn’t realistic to the materials but, that’s necessary for a detailed sculpt of his head. I love the expression on his face too. He’s giving you the stink eye for sure.


All of these details are fantastic and well thought out. They all have a purpose. And for a figure of such quality like this, the details are that much more important! Like the belt straps holding up his gun holsters or plenty of pouches for extra implements of destruction. Truly, everything an assassin might need. I love the faces on his grenades. They are 100% Deadpool’s style.


How to properly pose Deadpool


This Deadpool figure is top notch and as a result, he has tons of articulation for every pose you could want. He even has a little stand to support him for some of the crazier poses you can think of. There’s so much you can do with this action figure.


As far as putting Deadpool in specific poses goes, Sideshow Collectibles has actually made a tutorial video for setting up poses. It’s titled How to be a Poser. Check it out!


Update: I know it says you can get Headpool in this video but, unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Sorry!


It’s not just me that loves Sideshow Collectibles Deadpool Statues



 I’m not the only one that loves this figure. There are tons of positive reviews for it. I think we can all agree that this is a fantastic Deadpool action figure and it’s definitely my favorite.


For Deadpool fans or action figure collectors, I’d highly recommend you buy the best Deadpool action figure from Marvel Comics by Sideshow.


If you love the anti-hero characters from Marvel, The Punisher is another awesome figure!


More Deadpool?


There’s another awesome Deadpool figure I’d recommend if you’re looking for an actual statue. It’s the Heat-Seeker Deadpool.


 It’s another awesome statue from Sideshow Collectibles but this one has no articulation and it’s quite a bit bigger!


Photos and Youtube credit to Sideshow Collectibles

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  1. One of the best figures I’ve ever seen. I love all of the details down to the mixture of materials used for a realistic Deadpool!

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